Heritage - Vesuvio


Its Majesty Vesuvius, holy neapolitan symbol.

Handcrafted lost wax casting solid silver 925/°°.The volcano has represented in a stylised and fascinating version as a real sculpture. details in 18kt solid gold like the colour of the volcano’s eruption.Below, sea waves in classical iconography, lap the slopes of Vesuvius.


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Heritage - Sofia


Get a dose of vintage touch to represent the charm of coral: feminine and romantic.

Two natural cut stones, light pink colour with slightly more intense shades linked together with a ramage of small silver leaves.

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Heritage - Donna Luisa

Donna Luisa

Deep blue eyes shining with a rainbow of reflections.

Two wonderful faceted quartz teardrop cut set in silver 925/°° griffes. The bronze leaf ramage, gets a touch of style and softness.

Details change each other to make these masterpieces of art even more unique.

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Heritage - Pupella


A piece of our great heritage talks about the rough and sweet character of Neapolitan women.

The red of the raw and worked coral together with the violet of hydrothermal amethyst with carre’ cut. A play of colours for an eternal elegance.

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Heritage - Matilde


Two strands degraded grey Labradorite cabochon to better symbolize the excellent mind of the writer, icone of Naples.

The stone are never the same, give off a blue reflection called labrodescence, visible to natural light.

The pendant is made of two bronze squares set with two antique-cut Labradorite cabochon mounted in griffes.

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Heritage - Patrizia


Two strands of Goldstones in a colour as warm as the earth burning in the sun, with a thousand specks of gold inside make this necklace a really piece of sculture.

The central pendant is a concave bronze plate, frosted and polished by hand. In the centre is a large black Onyx cabochon.

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Heritage - Eleonora


Inspired by the Renaissance a basket in 925/°° silver.

Handcrafted lost wax casting gives softness and sweetness to the lines. Two little birds rest on the silver basket surrender a beautiful drop of faceted blue quartz.  A perfect union of art and beauty..

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Heritage - Maddalena


A set of Mediterranean red coral ingots in Sixty cut style, shores up a shower of green Diopside with different shapes and irregular cuts.

Bright, strong and even cheerful, entirely handcrafted by Neapolitan craftmen in silver 925/°°.

Modern and absolutely exclusive jewel.

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Heritage - Rosellina


A pure fellowship of light and transparency around the neck.

Five strands to link freshwater white pearls, smooth oval-cut moonstones and faceted white crystal. The pendant is made up of seven white coral roses.

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Heritage - Maria Carolina


Get Inspired by a queen.

This jewel brings back memories of ancient splendor, romantic and precious beauty. A small pool of blue topaz oval faceted cut, bright clear and transparent as water. Two birds in silver and bronze are resting on the pool. An authentic sculpture made entirely by hand.

An important large ring but incredibly comfortable to wear.

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