Jewelery Care and Maintenance


Taking care of your jewels:

The metals used are mainly silver 925/°°, gold 18 Kt or 9 Kt and bronze with precious and semi-precious stones, they are all nickel free materials (D.L. 206-6/2005) so they undergo a natural oxidation process that occurs in contact with the PH of the skin and/or external agents. It is advisable to handle the items with care and remove them when doing sports, washing hands or carrying out activities that may damage both

The metal and the stones. Avoid contact with alcohol, cosmetics, other corrosive products and heat sources.


If opting for home maintenance, you can use toothpaste, put a little on the jewel and leave it on for a few minutes, clean with a soft cloth and rinse well with water, then remove residues of water with a dry cloth. or a traditional polishing paste suitable for materials such as brass and silver.


Every ALJ jewel comes with a guarantee certificate to protect the craftsmanship and quality of the materials used. The guarantee certificate is valid for one year.


After-sales service:

For any information or request for assistance you can write to: attaching a picture of your jewel along with short description.

Repair and polishing service:

iI your jewel is damaged or needs special care, remember that the service is free of charge for one year as a period of guarantee. The polishing consists of a deep cleaning and professional polishing to remove the opacity of silver and bronze. The service consists of deep cleaning and professional polishing to eliminate the opaqueness of silver and bronze.

A 360° registration of the jewel is also carried out, with control of the closures and the setting of the stones. necklace threading service: the thread used to make our

Necklaces is in waxed silk that can deteriorate if used improperly or in contact with liquids. It is advisable to send the necklace to the company for wire replacement every 2 years.

There is a charge for these maintenance services after the expiry of the one-year warranty. For further information or clarification, you can write to