The artist’s soul can be expressed in different ways.
I prefer to express myself by finding out how the perfect shape wraps around the sinuous body creating a magic combination.

“…And when I grow up I will design jewelry,”

she wrote in her secret diary when she was a little girl.

Alessandra Libonati grows and takes her first steps in the family business, which has always produced luxury goods.

Neapolitan by birth and Milanese by training, she becomes a student of Gianfranco Ferrè. She studied and trained at the Domus Academy where she obtained a Master’s degree in Fashion Design, specializing in fashion accessories and jewelry.

Her passion for stones has submerged her deep into the vast world of gems, leading her to improve her professional training, studying their different colors and categories: precious and semi-precious as well as diamonds and pearls.

Finally get into material training and pure technicality from the banquet with dirty hands, it is a performance of pure ecstasy. “The perfect form is the sublimation of the different elements that make it up: metal, gems, pure craftsmanship and a soul.

A jewel is always the result of handmade work borne from a thought, an idea which takes on a life.

Alessandra Libonati designs for many renowned Italian and international jewelry companies, achieving prestigious goals within a few years, thanks to the renewal of her collections which marries baroque with a contemporary style.

She is proud to be involved in some of the most important international trade fairs and fashion events which take place in New York, Las Vegas, and Paris.

In 2010, in the heart of the Naples shopping district, Alessandra opened her flagship store “Alessandra Libonati Jewels”. The biggest expression of her eclectic personality, to which she has completely overseen all aspects of the store from its space to the furnishings, everything has been chosen with great attention to unique pieces and exclusive design, creating an intimate atmosphere mixed a contemporary and chic style.

Over the years, Alessandra Libonati Jewels has developed an expert team of collaborators who guarantee the product to a high standard of craftsmanship, whilst respecting the most authentic tradition. The creation of a jewel is a continuous path that leads to the search for “absolute beauty”.

The real luxury is when a wish or a dream becomes a reality, this is the opportunity of having a jewel designed, studied and created for every woman, and every personality.

This philosophy of “tailor-made” caters to the most demanding of customers and is how Alessandra Libonati stands out.